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Examiniation And Promotion

  1. Pupils who are detected giving or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance whatsoever, during an examination, will have their results cancelled in the particular subject and may be asked to be withdrawn from the school.

  2. Progress reports are given after the examination: parents are requested to go through them and guide their wards accordingly or take necessary corrective steps well in time.

  3. Only those who obtain at least a minimum of 40% in all the subjects in all tests and examinations will be promoted to the next higher class.

  4. No re-exams are ever held. If a pupil is absent from the exams, because of illness, a medical certificate should accompany the leave application. Promotion in such cases will depend on the performance in other tests and examinations during the year and at the discretion of the principal.

  5. A pupil failing in a class for a second time or failing in two consecutive classes will not be retained in the school.

  6. If your ward is sick, you must within two days of absence :

  • Send your letter in duplicate.

  • Attach to the above medical certificate.

  • Enter the sick leave into the leave record in the Diary.

  • Submit all three above mentioned to the office immediately. In any case the child will not be examined.

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