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St. Joseph's Sr. Sec. School was founded in 1984. School, a place of learning or an educational institution is the most appropriate and ideal place to make or produce such men. As the Head of a progressive school like St. Joseph's School, I wish to share my views an thoughts on some major factors which affect and govern the process of teaching. The environs in which education is imparted have an enormous an note worthy impact on the comprehension an retention ability of the young minds. I staunchly believe that the attainment of perfection, and not success, should be the aim of education. We must remember that we are on the threshold of a new world participating in its birth an instrumental in its creation. There is nothing more important then the transformation we must always remember to learn for the shake of knowledge to study in order to know the secrets of nature and life; to educate oneself in order to grow in consciousness ; to discipline oneself in order to become master of oneself; to overcome one's weakness in capacities and ignorance and to prepare one self to advance in life towards a goal that is nobler and vast

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